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Connecting with your Chakras: Base Chakra

Connecting with your Chakras: Base Chakra

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Connecting With Your Chakras: Base Chakra

Meditate - Release - Create

Seed of Life Wellness Centre and KARHI Collection join forces to bring you an intensive series of chakra events designed to unblock and release energy from your body!

Our first workshop focuses on unblocking the Base Chakra - without a balanced Base Chakra all other chakras will be unbalanced as well.

Vikki from Seed Of Life Wellness Centre will lead us through a guided meditation and an activity designed to help you think differently about yourself and your energy to allow you to release that which may be holding you back.

Kayla from KARHI Collection will then take you through a crystal anklet workshop! You'll be able to anchor your intentions and what you've learned into your crystals and wear it as a reminder of the day.

Each participant will also receive a small take home pack with crystals, information and an oil blend that resonates with your base chakra.

This workshop runs from 9-2pm at The Soul Nook Collective. Light refreshments will be provided but please bring your own lunch.

Bookings are essential so get your tickets today!