KARHI Collection Crystal Goddess Box

KARHI Collection Crystal Goddess Box

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We all have so many responsibilities in our busy lives that it’s so easy to forget to take time out to treat and nurture ourselves. The KARHI Collection Crystal Goddess box is here to allow you to take a moment to focus solely on YOU!
Our emotions and the way we feel and interact with others play such a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing. With this in mind, I have designed these subscription boxes to align with emotions we all feel (or don’t feel enough of!) in our daily lives. The Crystal Goddess Box is filled with 4-7 items specially curated with love and intention to align with the theme of the box. You can purchase a box as a one off without subscribing or subscribe to receive a box every 3 months.
With everything from pure essential oils and handmade jewellery to homewares and crystals, these boxes are a quarterly gift from you to you!

Please include your wrist size in the notes at checkout. 

What is it?

A quarterly subscription box filled with items curated to assist with our changing emotions and spiritual needs. 

What do I get?

Every 3 months a box will be delivered to your door filled with 4-7 items designed to help you take some time out to nurture yourself and your emotions and embrace your inner crystal goddess. 

How much is it?

A once off box is $71.95. Boxes purchased on a quarterly subscription plan are $68.89 per box. Boxes purchased on a yearly plan are $62.50 per box. 

When will I receive it?

Boxes are shipped at the end of the month in March, June, September and December. You will receive a tracking number once your box is shipped. If you purchase a once off box, you'll receive it in the next batch of quarterly boxes due to be sent out. You must purchase your box by the first of the month for each quarter (March, June, September, December) date in order to receive that quarter's box. 


For more information, visit our Crystal Goddess Box FAQs.