ENERGETIC EAR MUFFS | Selenite Crystal & Glitter Earrings!

ENERGETIC EAR MUFFS | Selenite Crystal & Glitter Earrings!

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Heavy energy, unhelpful thoughts and negativity can block your ability to be productive, creative and enjoy your life. Call on the power of these gorgeous earrings, made using pure Selenite Powder and glitter suspended in resin, to open the door to a healthier, more positive mindset! 

Selenite is the Queen of cleansing and will help you energetically cut ties with anything (or anyone) that no longer serves you. Don't let any bastards with bad vibes muddy up your aura - clear away any unwanted energy, shield yourself and say "NOT TODAY" with gorgeous white Selenite earrings! 

Each set comes with 2 pairs (1 pair of studs and 1 pair of dangles) made with pure Selenite powder to help shield your mind, body and soul from any nasties floating around. Charge up your crown chakra and wear these earrings like a pair of energetic ear muffs - only good vibes shall pass your ears! 

Earring components are surgical steel. 

Available in 4 colours - Pink, Green, Magenta and Blue! 

Please keep in mind the earrings pictured are an example only - each pair created is totally unique! Computer monitor settings do not always accurately reflect the colour of the glitter in these earrings. 

Custom orders welcome!