MANIFESTATION  |  Beautiful Handmade Diffuser Mala Bead Necklace

MANIFESTATION | Beautiful Handmade Diffuser Mala Bead Necklace

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MANIFESTATION  |  Beautiful Handmade Diffuser Mala Bead Necklace

Mala beads and have been used for centuries to help people set intentions, pray, meditate and tap into what they truly want in life. 

Malas consist of:
108 beads - A number that represents the wholeness of existence in Vedic culture. Traditionally, there is a knot between each bead. 
A Guru bead - Symbolises that you have all the knowledge you need inside you
A Tassel - Represents the lotus flower

This beautiful Mala necklace is hand knotted with 108 beads. It is made using 6mm Amazonite, Apatite, Clear Quartz, Jasper and Blue Howlite, an Agate guru bead as well as a wooden bead which may be used with essential oils. Wear as a gorgeous necklace or use as a powerful tool for setting intentions! 

Please note - Mala pictured is an example only. While I endeavour to match these pictures as closely as possible, slight variations in colours (particularly for guru beads) may occur as these are natural crystals.

Crystal Meanings:


Filters geopathic stress
Extremely soothing stone
Calms the brain
Balances male/female energy
Helps with seeing both sides of a problem
Soothes emotional trauma
Opens heart & throat chakra
+ Manifesting universal love
+ Loving communication
- Fear & worry
- Negative energy
- Aggravation
- Electromagnetic smog


Connected to past lives
Deepens meditation
+ Inspiration & creativity
+ Manifestation
+ Humanitarian attitude
+ Psychic gifts
+ Spiritual attunement
+ Communication & self-expression
+ Motivation
+ Openness & social ease
+ Extroversion
- Confusion
- Sorrow, apathy, frustration & anger
- Irritability & emotional exhaustion


Extremely calming stone
Stills the mind & is excellent for sleep & meditation
Calms turbulent emotions
Absorbs anger (yours & others)
+ Attunement
+ Formulates & aids achieving ambition
+ Patience
+ Positive personality traits
+ Calm & reasoned communication
+ Strengthens memory
+ Desire for knowledge
- Rage & uncontrolled anger
- Criticalness & selfishness
- Insomnia


Most powerful healing & energy amplifier
Absorbs, stores, regulates & releases energy
Unblocks energy
Dispels static energy
Works at a vibrational level
Cleanses and enhances organs
Raises spiritual energy to highest possible level
Filters distractions (meditation)
Harmonises chakras
Deep soul cleanser
Attunes you to your spiritual purpose
+ Concentration & memory


Supreme nurturer
Sustains & supports during times of stress
Brings tranquillity and wholeness
Aligns chakras
Provides protection
Grounds energy to the body
Transforms ideas into actions
+ Determination
+ Courage when facing problems
+ Honesty with self
+ Quick thinking
+ Organisational abilities
+ Seeing projects through
+ Imagination


Brings emotional, physical and mental balance
Aids with stabilising & centring physical energy 
Harmonises yin & yang
Soothing & calming stone
Encourages speaking your truth
Encourages starting again
+ Mental function
+ Concentration, perception & analytical abilities
+ Self-acceptance & self-confidence
+ Love & the courage to start again
+ Spiritual growth and inner stability
- Negativity
- Bitterness of the heart
- Inner anger


Setting Intentions:

Using the meaning of each of the gemstone beads in your Mala, decide which goal, idea, concept or emotion you'd like your Mala necklace to represent and create an intention to anchor into your Mala Necklace. 

Once you've got your intention in mind, turn it into a declaration. Example:
For seeking romantic love: "I am open and ready to receive great love" 
For financial security: "I have everything I need to live abundantly"
For focus: "Every minute of my day is dynamic and productive"

There is no right or wrong way to set an intention!

With your declaration in mind, count each bead of your Mala while concentrating on your intention. Repeat your declaration with each bead to anchor it into your necklace. Every 27 beads (signified by a different coloured 'counter' bead) take a moment to meditate on your intention. 

Once complete, wear this gorgeous necklace to remind you of your intentions. 

All KARHI Collection products are handmade by Kayla at her home in Fernvale, QLD. 

Please note: Mala necklace pictured is the final product you will receive. Unfortunately, computer screens can not always be relied upon to accurately replicate the beautiful colours of these beads. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.