TRANQUILITY SET | Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet

TRANQUILITY SET | Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet

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TRANQUILITY SET | Part of the KARHI Collection Amplify Range of beautiful, unique, semi-precious gemstone and sterling silver or 14K Gold Filled diffuser bracelets. 

For all our gold wearing Goddesses out there - introducing 14K Gold Filled beads!! 

Gold filled items contain almost 100% more gold than gold plated items. They are coated in a thick layer of gold which is mechanically bonded to a base metal so it won't flake like gold plate. Gold filled beads should last as long as solid 14K gold if it's properly cared for! 

The Tranquility Set consists of 3 bracelets. 

Breathe - White Jade, Aquamarine and Apatite

Dream - White Jade, Rose Quartz and Kunzite

Believe - White Jade and Lavender Amethyst

These bracelets are made using high quality, 8mm beads. This listing is for a single bracelet with either porous wood beads or lava beads that may be used with essential oils. It is threaded on clear stretch elastic and is made with sterling silver beads. 

Perfectly designed to be worn stacked with other bracelets from the Amplify Range. 

This bracelet is available in multiple sizes. Please measure your wrist according to your desired fit prior to purchasing. The size of the bracelet you choose may slightly alter the final design. 

Stone meanings:


Symbol of purity & serenity
Protects wearer from harm
Attracts good luck & friendship
Stabilises the personality
Integrates the mind with the body
Soothes the mind
Promotes self-sufficiency
Physically cleansing
+ Love & nurturing
+ Harmony
+ Stimulates ideas
+ Insightful dreams
+ Emotional release (especially irritability)
- Negative thoughts

Stone of courage
Calming energies that reduce stress
Quiets the mind
Harmonises surroundings
Creates upright, persistent & dynamic personality
Filters information
Concludes unfinished business & provides closure
+ Perception & intellect
+ Communication & self-expression
+ Overwhelmed by responsibility
+ Tolerance of others
+ Intuition
- Judgmentalism
- Self-defeating programs, confusion & fears

Connected to past lives
Deepens meditation
+ Inspiration & creativity
+ Manifestation
+ Humanitarian attitude
+ Psychic gifts
+ Spiritual attunement
+ Communication & self-expression
+ Motivation
+ Openness & social ease
+ Extroversion
- Confusion
- Sorrow, apathy & anger
- Irritability & emotional exhaustion
- Frustration

Rose Quartz
Stone of unconditional love & infinite peace
Opens the heart & supports during trauma
Most important crystal for the heart & heart chakra
Teaches the true essence of love
Calming & reassuring
Attracts love & teaches to Love self
Restores trust & harmony
Releases unexpressed emotions
Soothes internalised pain
Encourages unconditional love
+ Self-forgiveness & self-acceptance
+ Deep inner healing & self-love
+ empathy & sensitivity
+ Emotional healing
- Negativity

Extremely spiritual with a high vibration
Awakens the heart centre
Induces a deep meditative state
Strengthens the energy field around the body
Combines intellect, untiution & inspiration
+ Loving thoughts & expression of feelings
+ Unconditional Love & tolerance
+ Peace 
+ Creativity & self-expression
+ Trust
- Stress related anxiety
- Heartache & depression

Extremely powerful protective stone
Strong healing & cleansing powers
Calms or stimulates as appropriate
Beneficial to the mind
Helps you feel less scattered & more in control
+ Emotional centring & meditation
+ Memory & Focus
+ Motivation & goals
+ Mental faculties & decision making
+ Spiritual awareness & meditation
+ Selflessness
- Addiction & blockages
- Recurrent nightmares & insomnia
- Anger, rage, fear, anxiety, sadness & grief

This bracelet contains either wood or lava beads which may be used with 1 - 2 drops of your favourite essential oil.

Custom orders welcome!

Please note: Every gemstone bead is unique and unfortunately computer screens can not always be relied upon to accurately replicate the beautiful colours of these beads. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.